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Thousands of geniuses live and die undiscovered - either by themselves or by others ~ Mark Twain

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Stories60 is a digital collection of stories of passion, ambition, and triumph by young changemakers, mentors, teachers, and parents – everyday heroes. These powerful stories are packed into short-form and delivered as doses of inspiration and  encouragement for us, citizens of the earth, to harness our primal power to do amazing things, to make astonishing progress and to uplift the lives of our brothers and sisters with whom we caretake the earth. We believe all people have this power within them but sometimes just need a reminder. We can relate with everyday heroes - we have witnessed moments of critical change in their lives, watched their ambitions materialise, and witnessed their fierce dreams in the limitless freedom to make the world a better place. We package and deliver these uplifting stories in an effort to encourage people to bring out the best in themselves.


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Delivering moments of inspiration for people everywhere to BRING OUT THE BEST IN THEMSELVES.


Dream, Passion, Ambition, Grit and Triumph


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