Nepal's Iron Man

Dipendra Nepali
March 14, 2023

Hello! Who are you and what have you achieved?

Hi!!! Namaste 🙏🙏 am from Nepal 🇳🇵
I am Dipendra Nepali, a curious person who loves to do research, and play with science exhibitions and innovation . When I made a device (called a self electricity producer) which produces electricity from our bodies, it was a unique concept to the world. That invention gave me  popularity.

I participated in a lot of science exhibition programs locally, nationally as well as internationally and I won in every competition.

In 2017 and 2018 I participated in national science exhibition program and I won first prize.

When I participated international Africa Science Buskers Festival, I got a silver medal.

What’s your backstory and how did you get started?

I was born in a small village in Nepal where there was no internet and mobile phones. A lot of questions would come to my mind when I used to see aeroplanes in the sky, TV and torch lights. I was always curious. I used to ask: How is it possible to create an aeroplane? How are these things made?It is this never ending curiosity that pushed me to start science projects when I was in 13.

Take us through the process or steps you took to be where you are.

I came from a very poor family. I faced a lot of economic challenges at home. I would always be happy when I played with science and technological work. But my home situation was not favouring my dreams, nobody was supporting me except my mother. However, my mother clearly told me, "Dear son, I love you, I support you, but I am unable to give you money for to buy your science project materials". I was the eldest child in my family and was very familiar with my parents' economic struggles and scarcity at home .

When I was in class 9 I used to wake up at 4 am and would start walking to school. It would be dark. There was no any road light and torch light. My situation gave me the idea: " could I create a device that I can put on my body and have it give off light when I walk?'. Through a lot of research and prototyping the concept was a success.

In grade 10 I started working to support my family. I would give half of the money I earned to my mother for family help, then use the other half to invest in my science projects.

I also started created a YouTube Channel where I also got money.

Consistency, passion and dedication took me where I am today.

What are you working on today and what does the future look like?

Now I am working on a lot of research in different ideas. I am also helping the people by sharing ideas on Facebook and Youtube. I am very hopeful about the future. The future will definitely be sunshine.

What have been the most influential books, people, or other resources?

As a child I used to watch the movie Iron Man. It inspired a lot of imagination in me.

Biographies of Galileo Galilei, Albert Eistein , and Leonardo da Vinci.

The book Power of Subconscious Mind is very influential to me.

Advice for other young people who want to get started or are just starting out?

Think big, take small steps and act now.

If you can dream it, you can achieve it . When you start your work gradually lots of rises and falls happen but don't give up. Consistently do your work, great things take time.


Ready to take off?